Activities on the Farm

Activities on the Farm

Of all the Ceres accommodation options, we have the widest variety of activities!

Walking, jogging or mountain biking

Explore the orchards or single track along the foot of the mountain.


Stroll along on the two well marked Orchard Routes that follow the farm roads. Alternatively, put on a pair of hiking boots and go explore the 3 rocky mountain routes. There are two sites with rock paintings very close to the cottages with breathtaking views of Ceres Valley and its pink mountains at sunset.

Fairfield Dam

Ideal for skiing, swimming and bass fishing. Canoes also available for guest use. Be on the lookout for our winter trout fishing opening soon!

Plunge pool and swing

Pool with loungers and shaded lawn between the self catering cottages.


You will run into the Duiker and Klipspringer families roaming between the cottages. Also be on the lookout for fish eagle, hadeda, mongoose, meerkat, geese, guinea-fowl, pheasants, owls and numerous other species of birdlife. At night the Caracals can be heard calling up in the mountains. Please don’t feed any animal on the property.

Things to do

Each cottage has a list of activities and booking details as well as maps, brochures etc. of the area.

Within 10km from farm:

20 to 50km from farm: